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Procurement Service & Sourcing Service

Smilepurchasing helps importers to find the right manufacturers to make the good products, and all the aspects of sourcing and we have established a good reputation for high quality and low cost.
We provide customers with comprehensive procurement services, including product sourcing, sample verification, price negotiation, etc., to ensure that customers can get the most suitable products.

Free and Fast Quote

Strict Quality Control

Competitive Price


Procurement Service

Advantages Of Our Sourcing Service


We do not have high barriers to minimum order quantity (MOQ). Whatever the size of your order, we aim to locate the greatest goods and satisfy all of your needs.

Big List of factories

With over 15 years of experience in product procurement, industrial cluster research, and purchasing, I have collaborated with more than 2000 directly-operated factories.

Competitive Price

We provide access to COMPETITIVE PRICES. You can get HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS and invest in the RIGHT PLACE to increase your business.

Strict Quality Control

You don't have to be concerned about product quality before shipment since we assist you in conducting product quality inspections to ensure a smooth delivery.

Short Sourcing Time

We will get back to you in hours after receiving your sourcing request. The quotation will be sent to you normally in 2 working days.

Several to 1 Service

There is a whole sourcing team working for you to have the most suitable solution to your requests.

How Can We Help?

Supplier Development

Supplier Development

Through comprehensive market research and analysis, seek potential high-quality overseas suppliers, and evaluate, review and screen them to ensure that they have reliable production capacity and quality assurance.

Procurement Process Management

Procurement Process Management

Assist customers in designing procurement plans, including selecting channels, determining methods, making plans, and implementing processes. Utilize advanced information tools for automated procurement processes and digital management.

Contract Negotiation And Signing

Contract Negotiation and Signing

Assist customers in supplier negotiation, including commodity price, delivery time, payment method, after-sales service and other terms negotiation, and strengthen unified contract management and signing.

Quality Control

Quality Control

According to customers' quality standards, establish targeted product inspection standards, conduct comprehensive quality supervision on purchased products, and provide professional quality reports and suggestions.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Cooperate with domestic and international logistics companies to provide customers with a series of comprehensive services from commodity transportation to customs clearance and warehousing, to ensure timely and efficient completion of logistics distribution tasks.

Whole Process Tracking Service

Market Analysis

Conduct in-depth analysis and research on policies, regulations, cultural background and consumption habits of target overseas markets according to customer needs, and provide market reports and suggestions.

Market Analysis

Whole-Process Tracking Service

Whole-process tracking from beginning to end to provide professional after-sales service for customers to ensure the smooth progress of the procurement process and improve customer satisfaction.

If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7.
We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

Additional Quality Sourcing Services

Product Quality Inspection

Relationships with Chinese suppliers are often complex, and it is not easy to track all purchase orders. This is why it is so important to entrust third-party sourcing agents company to inspect products. Smilepurchasing is a trusted sourcing agency that has provided sourcing services to hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprise clients and is worth choosing and cooperating with.

Product Quality Control
Amazon Service

Amazon Service

SmilePurchasing has expertise in preparing inventory according to Amazon’s strict guidelines, ensuring compliance with packaging and labelling requirements, saving your valuable time and effort, minimizing the risk of fulfilment errors, and delivering professionally prepared products to Amazon’s fulfilment centres.

Dropshipping Service

As a big manufacturing country in the world, China has a wide range of products, good quality, and competitive prices, which are deeply loved by consumers from all over the world. More and more foreign customers are purchasing products from China. The transportation problem is the primary problem we have to solve. Importing from China requires customs declaration and clearance. The relevant procedures are complicated and there are many processes. If you don’t want to have these troubles, then you can choose us-Smilepurchasing, your intimate freight forwarder, can help you deal with these problems and provide door-to-door service.

Dropshipping Service
Shipping Service

Shipping Service

SmilePurchasing focuses on the cross -border e-commerce distribution B2B platforms for suppliers and distributors to help factories and brand suppliers expand overseas sales. At the same time Overseas warehouse goods have a generation service to solve series of business difficulties such as difficult selection, limited capital, high overseas warehouse service threshold, and difficulty in after-sales.

OEM & Packaging & Assembly

OEM, Assembly and Replacement of Packaging services play a crucial role in ensuring that products are packaged correctly and safely for transport to their destination.

We can be producing packaging materials for use by other companies in their products. This can include customizing packaging solutions to meet specific product requirements, such as size, weight, and fragility.

OEM & Packaging & Assembly
Photography & Video Service

Photography & Video Service

With the accelerated pace of life and the development of e-commerce, more and more people are choosing online shopping. Online shopping is loved by more and more people due to its complete range of goods, convenience, and affordability. If you are a seller selling online but do not have exquisite pictures and videos, please contact Smilepurchasing.

What Is The Procedure For Sourcing?

step 1

Send your purchasing needs and detailed information you care about to Smile Purchasing

step 2

The WeChat procurement team will select 3-5 best options from 5-20 suppliers and send them to you for confirmation

step 3

You confirm the supplier in the list we provide, or verify that you already have a supplier, if you are not satisfied, continue to find the best supplier for you

step 4

Smile procurement team will check the quality of the sample to show you the product in the most authentic state by photo, video or video call, and mail it

step 5

Satisfied with the quality of the sample, confirm the product, packaging, delivery and other details, purchase with a smile and negotiate the final price with the supplier, and confirm the order

step 6

Purchasing with a smile will follow up your order at all times, and use efficiency to shorten the order procurement and shipping time

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What Our Customers Are Saying


In my opinion, Smilepurchasing is the conscience fixed supplier of purchasing! Affordable price, high quality and service, long-term cooperation is really worthwhile!


We have been working with Smilepurchasing Procurement Agency for many years. Their service is highly professional and has saved us a lot of time and money in purchasing.


Smilepurchasing knows the Chinese market and supply chain well. They always find us the most cost-effective suppliers and manufacturers. Their strong negotiation skills also get us the best prices, reducing 30-40% of our purchasing costs.


Smilepurchasing not only provides competitive prices but also full quality inspection. All goods are strictly checked before delivery to ensure they meet our requirements. This allows us to purchase with confidence.


In addition to procurement itself, Smilepurchasing also provides order tracking, logistics management and after-sales service. This greatly shortens our business cycle and makes each transaction simple and efficient. Long-term cooperation with Smilepurchasing also stabilizes our supply chain, which is very valuable in today's rapidly changing environment.


Dude, choosing Smilepurchasing Procurement Agency was an excellent decision! They saved us a lot of money, reducing purchasing costs by over 30%. If not for them, we would still be suffering from finding suitable suppliers.


Cooperating with Smilepurchasing is so worry-free! They are totally trustworthy, and the quality inspection is very thorough. We never have to worry about receiving substandard parts again. Purchasing can be safely entrusted to them!


I really appreciate Smilepurchasing's service. From choosing suppliers to logistics delivery, they monitor every detail closely. Even in the event of shortages of certain materials, they can handle it flexibly and quickly find alternatives for us. They clearly inform us of the delivery progress of each order, which is much more reassuring!


I also enjoyed chatting with Smilepurchasing's sales managers and account managers. Unlike other procurement companies' pushy staff, Smilepurchasing focuses more on in-depth exchanges with us on purchasing needs and plans. This makes the cooperation process much more relaxed and pleasant. They really make purchasing, which used to be annoying, simple and worry-free!


If you need a procurement agency, Smilepurchasing is definitely the first choice. Reasonable prices, quality assurance and thoughtful service. Long-term cooperation with them is definitely beneficial for the business. All future purchasing matters will be fully entrusted to Smilepurchasing. We have found the right partner!

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7.
We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.