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Easy and efficient, new experience of international purchase

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Procurement Service

We provide customers with comprehensive procurement services, including product ...


Product Quality Control

We provide professional product quality inspection services to ensure that customers' ...


Amazon Service

We help customers ship products directly to Amazon warehouses and provide ...

Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping Service

We provide fast and accurate dropshipping services to ensure that customers' ...

Shipping Service

Shipping Service

We provide global shipping services, including sea, air, express, etc., to ensure that ...

Free Warehousing

Free Warehousing

We provide free warehousing services to provide customers with convenient and ...


Factory Audit

Here are some options for Customized Inspection. Also, if you have other needs ...

OEM & Packaging & Assembly

OEM & Packaging & Assembly

We provide one-stop OEM services, including product design, packaging design ...


Photography & Video Service

We provide photo shooting, photo editing, video shooting and post-editing services ...

How Smilepurchasing Stands Out from Other Sourcing Agents

Localized Procurement Expertise

With teams stationed locally in China and globally, Smilepurchasing has in-depth knowledge of suppliers and markets to provide tailored localization solutions.

Cost Savings in Time

Smilepurchasing's streamlined sourcing process helps customers quickly identify qualified suppliers and optimize logistics for time savings.

Reduced Procurement Costs

Leveraging extensive supplier networks, Smilepurchasing negotiates the best pricing and designs the most cost-efficient supply chain to lower overall procurement costs.

Reduced procurement risks

With rigorous supplier audits, Smilepurchasing ensures product quality and business integrity to minimize customers' sourcing risks.

Support for on-site inspections

Smilepurchasing's QA experts can conduct on-site product inspections at various production stages to fully safeguard quality.

Support for follow-up services

Beyond import/export administration, Smilepurchasing also provides specialized after-sales support services.

How to import products from China?


Tell us about the products you want to source, and we’ll start building the perfect procurement plan.


Our clients only work with the best suppliers and manufactures. If you want world class products, you need a world class supplier.


Tweak, tune, and fiddle with the features. Get to the Golden Sample before you push play on production.


We’ll negotiate pricing and contract terms, monitor production, conduct QC, and ship the products to your hot little hand (or your warehouse).

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Customer Reviews

Excellent service! Your inspectors were very professional and provided a very detailed inspection report. We felt assured about the quality of the products.

Leo Partner

Your company helped ensure we received high quality products from our supplier in China. We appreciate your dedication and attention to detail.

Emma Partner

Working with your inspection company gave us peace of mind about our China sourcing. Your inspectors were very knowledgeable and provided great feedback. We look forward to working with you again!

Aiden Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Our procurement agency service offers unique advantages for your purchasing needs in China. With our expertise, extensive supplier network, and supply chain management experience, we can help you reduce procurement costs, optimize supply chain management, and ensure high-quality and timely delivery. Choosing us ensures excellent procurement solutions and a worry-free purchasing experience.

Our procurement agency team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in China’s wholesale market and manufacturing industry. We are well acquainted with supplier resources and supply chain management in the Chinese market. Whether you need assistance in finding suitable suppliers, negotiating prices, controlling quality, or managing logistics coordination in China, our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional professional services for your success.

We are committed to optimizing the procurement process to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for your purchasing activities in China. Leveraging industry-leading procurement management tools and processes, along with our extensive experience and expertise, we provide customized solutions. We establish close collaborations with reliable suppliers, maintain effective communication and coordination, ensuring product quality and timely delivery. Through our professional support, you can enjoy an efficient, transparent, and worry-free procurement experience.

As your procurement agency, we specialize in assisting international clients in expanding their supply chain in China. We have an extensive network of suppliers and partner resources in China, connecting you to reliable Chinese suppliers. With our support, you can easily conduct supplier evaluations, negotiate contracts, implement quality control measures, and coordinate logistics, achieving excellent procurement and supply chain management.

Our procurement agency service fees are determined based on project complexity, scale, and required resources. We offer flexible pricing structures tailored to your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable services, ensuring your satisfaction with the procurement results. Our pricing is transparent and reasonable, aimed at delivering the best procurement agency solutions for you.


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